When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
-Victor Frankl

In the process of recovery from addiction, we are reminded of the importance of acquiring the power to change from the inside out. Much of life’s discomforts come from perceiving what is happening outside of us as being unacceptable. Today’s quotation is a reminder that should we find ourselves in a situation that we have come to decide is unchangeable, we must direct our energy toward changing our inner relationship to the situation. Addictive behaviors are an attempt to create comfort and a sense of ease in a world that doesn’t seem to provide these feelings naturally. Recovery, then, should cater to the same outcome in a more fulfilling and sustainable way. The ability to change from the inside, to embrace a process of becoming more emotionally flexible, is of vital importance to successful recovery. There is as much powerlessness in the futile rebellion against what truly is as there is power in the ability to adapt to it. Sometimes we can do something to change our outer reality, if not, we must learn to change our inner reality so that we can live more comfortably within it.

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