Rest in reason and move in passion.
-Kahlil Gibran

Life successfully lived and properly enjoyed is navigated using both passion and reason. A life infused with addiction will be driven primarily by a distorted form of passion. Addiction is the unbridled pursuit of an external means of soothing, often running roughshod over any ability to access what we know is reasonable. This is how addiction so often brings a deep chaos to every facet of life. Often during the onset of recovery, the poles shift and a rigidity builds around our endeavor to counteract the chaotic energies of our addicted lives as a reasonable life emerges. Understandably, as the pendulous nature of change ensues, a rudderless passion-saturated existence may morph into an inflexible reason-driven, overly structured one. Again, this is the nature of change and to some extent, absolutely acceptable. Over time, however, a balance might be ideal, allowing passion and reason to complement each other in such a way as to create a life intellectually functional as well as emotionally fulfilling. This way we learn how these complementary energies can, in concert, create a deeply enjoyable and functional life.

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