Practice Resurrection.
-Wendall Berry

Recovery is a form of rebirth. Recovering from our addictions means that we are committed to changing the way that we react to the painful parts of ourselves that inspired the addictions themselves. Recovery represents the death of outdated and destructive methods of avoidance and circumvention. In our recovery we are not only learning to live without the substances and behaviors through which our addictions manifested themselves, but we are also addressing wounded parts of our psyches that underlie these manifestations. Through our recovery we learn to heal the parts of ourselves that were crying out in pain instead of just answering their call with an attempt to numb them endlessly. And a commitment to recovery means we are committing to a process through which we stay vigilant to this end, continuously peeling away layers of protection until we feel a connection to our lives that fulfills us in a way that makes further addictive pursuits moot.

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