May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.
-Nelson Mandela

We are always making choices. Ultimately, the difference between being active in our addictions or being active in our recovery is a difference defined by the choices we are making. Today’s quotation points out the importance of discovering which subset of emotions are driving our decision-making process. Our addictions represent an underlying pattern of avoidance. When we map the trajectory of our lives around the avoidance of painful parts of ourselves, we are navigating from our fears. But if we learn to face our fears, accepting and incorporating the very parts of ourselves that we once sought to avoid through our addictions, we stand a chance at healing them. From there, we can finally plot the course of our lives using our hopes as a compass-heading instead of our fears. So it is very important that we become adept at examining the choices we are making and seeing clearly to the root of what is motivating them. Do our choices reflect a dedication primarily focused on avoiding our fears or on the glory of our hopes.

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