No problem can be solved on the level of consciousness that created the problem in the first place.
-Carl Jung

Our addictions are created. While they may not be created deliberately, what may be deliberate is an underlying attempt to regulate our conscious experience of life. When we get too habituated to a potentially destructive means of tempering our experience of life, we call it an addiction. But as this pattern is created, it can be destructed, too. But as today’s quotation points out, we cannot destruct additive patterns using the same emotional paradigms that created the addictions in the first place. For this reason, when trying to end an additive pattern, it can be helpful to lend ourselves to a process that allows us access to ideas outside of our current state of emotional functioning. This might be anything from an in-patient rehabilitation center to regular contact with another person who can help us look at our problem from a more objective perspective than our current conditioning allows. Recovery represents a different level of consciousness than does addiction. For this reason will often need to seek outside assistance to move from one to the other.

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