We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.
-Carlos Castaneda

Today’s quotation is an important reminder that life does not just unfold automatically. It suggests that we work hard to create the general trajectory of our lives—whether we do so consciously or not. This means that while we may work hard to maintain positive life patterns, we also work hard to keep the dysfunctional patterns active. Addiction is a perfect example. For those addicted to substances, the amount of work it takes to cater to these dependencies can be unimaginable. Recovery, too, can be arduous. It requires diligence, consistency, integrity, and one must face quite a learning curve in the beginning. The point is that whether we are locked within a dysfunctional pattern of living revolved around catering to addiction, or whether we are living consciously in a way that nurtures our emotional health, it takes hard work . Once we have truly taken responsibility for this important reality, we are freer to direct our hard work in a consciously chosen direction.

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