Every single choice we make is either going to enhance the spirit or drain it. Every day, we’re either giving ourselves power or taking it away.
-Caroline Myss

In both active addition and in recovery, it is the little things that cumulatively make the biggest difference. When we are participating in actively addictive patterns, it is the slow breakdown of healthy, esteem-enhancing behaviors that create the emotional environment resulting in deepening levels of attachment to them. Addiction accelerates during this maddening cycle as it tries to meet emotional needs weakened by the very process that propels it. But recovery, too, has its own self-propelling process once it is successfully set in motion. When we start to feel the rewards that accompany emotional autonomy, self-esteem begins to form in place of dependency, making it increasingly easier to make decisions that enhance our recovery. In this light, and especially in the beginning, it is very important to make each decision consciously, taking into account that we either enhance or drain the power of our recovery with each one we make. But again, this process begins to create its own momentum as we go, so the decision-making process becomes easier, and we inevitably deepen our feelings of personal power with each healthy decision we make.

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