Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself.
-Zenrin Poem

At the root of addictions lie the desire to be soothed. This fact underlies a complimentary motivation to avoid feelings of anxiety or boredom. Addictions are used as a means of controlling our emotional world so that these feelings can be avoided or at the very least, quelled. In this regard, addictions represent an extreme form of control. There is a tendency to bring the desire to control right into the recovery process. Often it remains very difficult to learn to flow with the inevitable vicissitude that defines the natural unfolding of life. So much is happening even while we are “sitting quietly.” Without our direct effort, without our specific intent, while we do nothing, things are happening. People are growing, resentments are receding, employment opportunities are shifting, bodies are healing, cells are dying and recreating themselves, and the seasons are changing. Much in a successful life and recovery requires assertive action and this concept of ‘letting go’ should not be used to justify passivity or laziness. But it is an important reminder that when the appropriate actions have been taken, our work is done. When the actions have been taken, sitting quietly can often yield the best results.

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