The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.
-Henry David Thoreau

Our lives are finite. The time that you take to read these very words are moments that you will never get back. So it is important that we choose, very consciously, how we spend our time. When we are locked within addictive patterns, we are unconsciously and involuntarily tethered to psychic forces that circumvent our ability to choose carefully. There may have been a time when we chose to involve ourselves with the substances and behaviors that became addictions, but by the time they become addictions, we are on autopilot. This, beyond almost any other reason, should create the motivation to free ourselves of unreasonable addictions. Luckily, we never have to stop pursuing the underlying rewards that our addictions promised in the beginning. If we become aware of these foundational desires, we can find lasting, sustainable, and conscious paths toward their fulfillment. But ever diligent should we remain aware of the price that we are paying for the choices we are making—consciously or not.

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