Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.
-Joseph Campbell

Addictions present an important opportunity. Obviously, when we are painfully locked within the acute bonds of addiction, it may seem that there could be nothing positive offered by such rigid confinement, but it is an opportunity. Our addictions represent an unrecognized attempt to find a deeper sense of well-being, connection, security, and sense of personal power. In this way, addiction stands as an indication that we have not formed a proper relationship to these qualities, directly, but have instead relied on their surrogates. And even when we desperately want to, separating ourselves from our addictions is one of life’s greatest challenges since it also means separating ourselves from the important emotional experience they dysfunctionally provide us. But if we take this opportunity, committing ourselves to facing this challenge, we will undoubtedly develop deeper powers within us allowing us to access from within ourselves what we could only find outside of ourselves through the mechanics of our addictions.

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