How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.
-Annie Dillard

The whole of our lives is experienced through the incremental choices we make daily. To varying degrees, living within our addictive patterns means that we are not able to make conscious choices about how we spend our days because much of our time must, necessarily, be spent attempting to satisfy these insatiable drives. Depending on the addiction, it may leave time for little else. And as our addictions are fed they will always grow in strength, requiring more of our time and energy. Finally, the more time we spend feeding our addictions, the more time we spend in a state of inevitable frustration, leading to the need for more relief through the very addictive behavior that is feeding the frustration to begin with. As our days become consumed by this exhausting cycle, it doesn’t take long before our entire lives feel like a desperate chase. The good news is that as we enter into successful recovery we can learn to consciously fill our days with the kind of inspiration that will lead to lives filled with purpose and genuine fulfillment. The point is that we must be free of our addictions before we gain the ability to truly choose the way we spend our days, and thus our lives.

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