The important thing is this: To be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you could become.
-Charles Dubois

Recovery from addiction is a process of change. And often, the process of change is thwarted not so much because it is difficult to figure out in which direction to move, but by a resistance to give up what must be changed. In recovery, even if there is an honest desire to stop an addictive pattern, there is also a great fear of what will happen if that pattern is given up. If everyone somehow knew that change would result in a positive experience, it would be much easier to let go of old patterns. But we don’t really know. It is impossible to remain the same and make changes at the same time so it is vital that we become aware of what we want to change, and that we become as willing as possible to give ourselves, totally, to that changing. Eventually, after we have experienced the result of being willing to change, we will insist less on the same. We will recognize earlier when a change is warranted and be more amenable to letting go of that which needs to be let go. But this is a process that needs to be experienced to be learned.

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