No thought, no reflection, no analysis, no cultivation: let it settle itself.

Like many quotes that speak of the need to learn to let go, today’s meditation refers to those instances in life that we ask for the serenity to accept—those which we cannot change. Trying to change an aspect of life which is not to our liking is acceptable and even desirable. Often this will mean thinking, even thinking a lot about what to do to bring about the desired change. Thinking is an important skill and one that should ultimately be honed, but equally important is the awareness of those situations where thinking is wasteful and part of a desperate attempt to change a situation that cannot be changed. During these times it is important to be able to summon a different skill, one of detachment and letting go. An important aspect of successful recovery is the functional avoidance of useless negative feelings. Trying to change the unchangeable is a sure way to experience intense frustration. Knowing when to let go, and developing the skill to do so when desired, then, is one of the most important skills to develop in recovery. This allows us to give ourselves a break and let life adjust itself without our help. Often, the results of these adjustments will meet with our approval even without our aid.

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