Rest in reason and move in passion.
-Kahlil Gibran

The quote for today speaks primarily about balance. A life successfully lived and properly enjoyed contains both deep passion and purposeful reason. A life driven by addiction will be driven primarily, if not exclusively, by a form of distorted passion. Addiction is the unbridled desire for calming and emotional control, often leaving no room for reason to help navigate and create functionality and purposeful direction. This is the reason that addiction so often brings a deep chaos to every facet of life. Often during the onset of recovery, a shift occurs whereby a rigidity begins to develop as a reasonable life begins to emerge. Understandably, as the pendulous nature of change begins, a rudderless passion-saturated existence can turn into an inflexible reason-driven, overly structured existence. Again, this is the nature of change and to some extent, absolutely acceptable. Over time, however, a balance should be created where both passion and reason can be experienced appropriately and in such a way as to create a life that is both intellectually functional as well as emotionally fulfilling. Often this will mean discovering when each is called for so that, in concert, they can be used to create a deeply enjoyable and functional life.

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