If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way; if you don’t you’ll find an excuse.
-Jim Rohn

Successful recovery from addiction is available to everyone. The difference between those with successful recovery and those without is one of action. The addicted life is one of very hard work and emotional struggle. It requires focus and dedication often to the point where there is little room for any other successful endeavors. Ironically, it can be very useful to look closely at the dedication it took to remain within our addictive patterns when we are struggling to get ourselves out from under them. If we can find a way to apply a similar resolve to our recovery as we did to our addictions there is scant chance of failure. The problem is often that the addictive mind is very apt at creating seemingly reasonable excuses that stand to keep the addiction alive and in charge. At any given moment it can be helpful to stop and take stock of whether we are doing what we need to do to create or enhance our recovery, or if we are making excuses that will keep us from it. Recovery from addiction is not something that is only available to a certain few. It is there for the taking by anyone who is willing to put the work into its creation. But it takes genuine effort, especially in the beginning, and it takes the ability to recognize when excuses are being made that will stand in the way. Recovery from addiction is an active process just as addictive patterns are themselves. It is important, then, to develop the ability to recognize where our efforts are being applied.

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