I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

We must consciously pursue our recovery. Although staying committed to our addictive patterns takes great effort, the underlying attachment to them forms automatically due to their very nature. When we decide that we want to make changes, we must put as much effort into the new consciously chosen behaviors as is necessary to overpower the already existing unconscious ones. It can also be helpful to inspire ourselves through exposure to others who have successfully implemented the changes in their lives that we aspire to make in ours. But it isn’t enough to simply be inspired by them, to simply see them. Any inspiration we derive from others needs to be manifested into actions that will lead to our own changes. Regardless of the path to recovering healthy patterns, we will necessarily need to be active and consistent in our actions if we are to maintain those changes. Only through this diligence, will we be able to provide a new experience of ourselves and of life that will create a lasting understanding that we are the successful agents of our changed lives.

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