You will find truth more quickly through delight than gravity. Let out a little more string on your kite.
-Alan Cohen

Recovery is serious business. Especially when we are facing addictions and breaking our bonds to substances or behaviors that are potentially deadly, we need to be serious. Furthermore, the first few weeks or months of abstinence can be anything from unpleasant to completely miserable as we face the initial process of learning to live without the help of these powerful emotional surrogates to which we have formed deep attachments and dependencies. Finally, addiction recovery often starts with a reorganization of our lifestyles into something that may seem totally foreign to us as we create new patterns that will support us through this internally tumultuous process. But we don’t need to stay this serious forever. As soon as we can, once we begin to adapt to our adjusted lives, we must learn to have fun. Even as we remain serious about our abstinence goals, we must also learn to find moments of delight even within the context of this seriousness and in the wake of the chaos that may have engulfed us during our addictions. So we must remain diligent, but we can always let out a little string.

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