Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.
-Karen Kaiser Clark

Without our permission, and even despite our best efforts, change is always occurring. Never will we reach a point in our lives where everything is just where we want it and there it stays. But change that also signifies personal growth is not guaranteed, it must be consciously chosen and worked toward. Choice, in general, is one of the most precious gifts of an addiction free life. The salient point in today’s quote is that we must choose to grow. The changes that inevitably occur will often seem painful and unwanted. It is through our emotional reactions to these changes that we can learn to decipher where our personal opportunities for growth may lie, and then choose to address them. The choice, however, will almost always mean we must enter into a process of learning which will often be difficult. But if we don’t take advantage of the opportunities it is likely that we will be faced with the same life problems again and again until we choose to make the changes that the problems are presenting to us. When we make a commitment to personal growth, the inevitable process of change will not seem so chaotic and even though we will not be able to control them, we will be much better able to flow with them creating a sense of harmony that did not previously exist.

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