If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way; if you don’t you’ll find an excuse.
-Jim Rohn

Successful recovery from addiction is available to anyone. The addicted life is often one of hard work and emotional struggle. It requires focus and dedication often to the point where there is little room for any other successful endeavor. Ironically, it can be very useful to look closely at the dedication it takes to remain within our addictive patterns when we are struggling to get ourselves out from under them. If we can find a way to apply a similar resolve to our recovery as we did to our addictions there is scant chance of failure. The problem is that the parts of us that rely on our addictions for regulation are also very adept at keeping these patterns active, often employing various psychological defenses that create excuses for us to give up. Recovery takes hard work, especially in the beginning, and it takes the ability to recognize when these excuses are being used. Recovery from addiction is an active process just as addictive patterns are themselves. So the question is, are we using our activity to find a way to recover or to make an excuse not to?

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