With every mistake we must surely be learning…
-George Harrison

The motivation to make changes that are strong enough to stop addictions and addictive patterns has to come from somewhere. And more than often, the motivation originates from the ever worsening pain that addictive behaviors create. If related to properly, feelings are the sign posts that can lead us to the best and happiest versions of ourselves, but, often, we can’t learn from joy until we navigate through our pain. And pain is often what will lead us through our addictions. Pain can be the guiding light, acting as a teacher and motivator for us to make the kind of difficult changes that will lead to an improved life. It was the synthetic positive feelings provided by the addictions that brought us to trouble and pain, and that very pain can lead us back out again if we decide to learn from it. The idea of hitting “rock bottom” is tricky because there is always lower to go. It is not necessary that we “lose everything” before making changes, but often we will need some kind of a wake-up call before we are really ready to try life without our addictions. With time, though, we may be able to decipher, faster and faster, when our “mistakes” are worthy of making life changes. And always, in life, we must, “…surely be learning.”

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