Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.
-Jim Rohn

Time is valuable. And the way we spend our time is a direct investment into the direction that our lives take. One of the biggest problems with addictions is that by definition, they demand that we automatically spend time invested in satisfying them. While this time is not necessarily a total waste—our addictions serve to soothe us even as they do so dysfunctionally, and often our addictions play an important role alerting us to our own need for healing—it may not be the way we would ultimately choose to spend it. And since we have only so much time to spend in life, we may want to learn from our addictions as quickly as possible so that we can shed them and the time requirements that they demand of us. Free of significant addictive patterns, we are more able to spend our time—this most precious commodity—consciously chosen and directed so that we can live the life we would like to live.

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