Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage.
-Anais Nin

Recovery does not happen by itself, it takes assertive and directed effort to propel oneself into its path. Often to assert this effort is a very real act of courage. Often the path presented does not seem familiar, logical, or even particularly warranted, and this is exactly where courage comes in. Often the suggested actions that lead to recovery seem foreign and there can be a genuine resistance toward them. Without the courage to delve into this unfamiliar world, there is scant chance of success. As today’s quote alludes to, if we don’t find the courage to try new things, we run the risk that our life won’t expand to the point of including the possibility of recovery from our addictions. So it is often very important—most importantly in the beginning of our recovery but also during times of subsequent struggle—that we find the courage to continue to allow our lives to expand until they are able to include a life free from addiction.

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