The mind is the projector and the universe is your screen. Know that you are either confirming all your old patterns or you are affirming new ones…Miracles are made with the mind.
-Dorian Israel

Reality is more a subjective projection of the mind unique to each person than it is an objective experience produced by the material world. This is the only reason that addictions work in the first place. The mechanics of addiction work by adjusting our subjective underlying emotional experience of life in a desirable way. They don’t make our objective life better. In fact, the reason that addictions are a problem is because they do the opposite—they objectively make our lives worse. In our recovery, then, we must make adjustments to the projector—our minds. We must learn about the nature of our minds and dedicate ourselves to the process of upgrading its projections. If we don’t do this successfully, then even if we stay abstinent from our addictions, we continue to live with the underlying emotions that inspired them in the first place. But if we learn about the subjective nature of the mind, and if we can affirm a new way of experiencing life, then we can project a new experience of the universe and our place in it—one that no longer requires the adjustments that our addictions once provided.

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