Respond instead of react
-Zen saying

A life built on reaction to life will be chaotic. Reaction is unthinking, automatic, and involuntary—not optimal building blocks for a functional life. The addicted life is one based on reaction. Response, on the other hand, is voluntary, specific, and conscious. Response to life will almost always yield the best results even in a difficult situation. A recovered life is one based on response. It is important, then, to learn to recognize the difference between a reaction and a response to life. A reaction is often followed by a feeling of regret or a general feeling of not being in control. Response, on the other hand, is usually followed by a feeling of confidence and less internal chaos. Using awareness and discipline, over time, we can learn to navigate in life through response instead of reaction. First, we must develop the awareness to recognize when we are feeling threatened or in danger of reaction, then employ the discipline to take a few seconds (or minutes, hours, days, weeks) before responding. In this way, awareness and discipline can ensure that we choose to consciously respond to life instead of automatically reacting to it, creating much less emotional chaos, and a much more centered experience of life. This will go a long way toward building an experience of life that comfortably requires less distraction and anesthetization.

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