You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
-Wayne Gretzky

Addictions are difficult to rid ourselves of. This means that they must be important. If they didn’t serve an important purpose, we wouldn’t end up so dependent and attached to them. Our addictions serve deep and often unconscious needs, even if they do so incompletely and unsustainably. Recovery from addiction requires not only that we learn to break our bond to our addictions, themselves, but also that we learn to meet the very same needs to which our addictions sought to cater. But this transition is very difficult. It is often met with setbacks, missteps, and abject failure. Furthermore, we may have to try numerous therapeutic paths before we find one that allows us to successfully satisfy our needs. For this reason it is important that we keep trying. It is not uncommon to struggle for years before finding lasting recovery. Often this process can create a feeling of hopelessness and deep fatigue, but it is important that we keep trying, anyway. We must keep taking those shots because one of them may very well be the one that scores.

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