Mental health is an ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs.
-Scott Peck

Ridding ourselves of the need for our addictions is a move toward better mental health. Mental un-health presents itself in many ways, addiction is just one of them. Although we are presented with the idea that there are fundamental differences between mental diagnoses, addiction included, there aren’t. Fundamentally, non-organic pathology stems from the inability to face reality, coupled with the reactions we employ to deal with this inability. Recovery from addiction is part of a dedication to reality. If we decide to learn to live without our addictions then we are deciding to learn about our lives absent of that which we were using to shield ourselves from certain underlying realities that we either consciously or unconsciously are not capable of living within. But reality can be difficult, and if we attempt to remove our addictions without successfully embracing the truth behind their employment, we will either return to them or create others that fulfill the same purpose. If, however, we dedicate ourselves to the reality behind our addictions at all costs, we stand a good chance at not only beating the addictions, but also the unresolved realities behind them.

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