If you can’t fight and you can’t flee, flow. 
-Robert Eliot

Recovery from addictions must be the successful pursuit of deeper emotional comfort. To this end, today’s quotation speaks of the importance of learning when it is time to let go, to stop fighting an unwanted reality. It also describes the state of panic and resistance that often accompanies an unwanted circumstance or life occurrence. When these unwanted occurrences happen, this reaction reduces the ability to act consciously. And, it is important to take the time necessary to examine and process a situation to decide properly whether there is anything that can be done to wrest a more desirable outcome somehow. If, however, a thorough examination process wields no useful or possible alternatives, it becomes very important to learn to flow with life’s realities just the way they are. One of the very greatest blocks to happiness is the habitual propensity to want reality to be different than it is. But always, there are undreamed of possibilities that accompany uninvited circumstances. The faster one adopts the ability to flow during these times, the less time will be spent in emotional distress. And any patterns that decrease emotional distress work toward an easier addiction-free life.

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