Relationships are essentially spiritual messengers. They bring into our lives—and we into theirs—revelations about our strengths and weaknesses.
-Carolyn Myss

We can learn a lot about ourselves through the relationships in which we choose to invest. Every relationship we find ourselves in will reflect a part of ourselves back to us. Through the general unconsciousness with which we navigate through our decision making process during our addicted lives, we will often seek relationships as another way to become “complete” or “whole.” These relationships almost invariably reflect back the part of us that is deeply needy and wanting of fulfillment—the part of us that we attempt, through our addictions, to fulfill. Unfortunately, these are the very relationships that seem to bring us just the opposite. These are the relationships that expose the “weakness” as today’s quote suggests. But just as we are deciding to face and be rid of our addictions, we can learn to choose relationships based on the strengths that they offer us—and we them—instead of choosing them based on a sense of need. This way, we can learn to relate based on our strengths instead of our weaknesses, and those strengths will be reflected back to us through the ever-changing experience of relationship.

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