What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.
-Carolyn Myss

Today’s quotation speaks directly to the importance of honoring the connection between our physical and emotional bodies. One consequence of active addiction is that it almost always places the ability to take proper care of our physical bodies in a secondary position to the addiction. And almost always, the nature of our addictions are directly detrimental to our physiology. The positive aspect of this principle is that as we move toward emotional health, we invariably improve our physical health, and vice versa. Although the idea of ‘spirit’ can be viewed differently from person to person, each of us can develop a sense of what it is that enriches and fulfills us. Each of us can learn to use our emotions as signposts that direct us toward an inner sense of that which either enriches or drains us at a deeper emotional level. Successful recovery from addiction will always involve the development of this ability, as we learn to bring true fulfillment into our lives to replace the false sense of fulfillment that we sought through our addictive behaviors. As we learn to follow this path toward the healing of our spirit, so, too, do we invariably heal our bodies.

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