The entire physical world is nothing more than our classroom and the challenge is for us to decide whether to make choices that enhance our sprit or drain our power.
-Caroline Myss

Before addictions have properly manifested themselves, the substances or behaviors that represent them almost always brought us a sense of empowerment. However short-lived this stage of our addiction was, for a while, these behaviors were accompanied by a sense of freedom and transcendence—they would not have had the impact on us strongly enough that we would have invested in them so completely, otherwise. In this sense, they were an important teacher, illuminating what was missing within the depths of our psyches. But as these behaviors inevitably became more and more habitual as they developed into addictions, they drained instead of supported our feelings of personal power. In our recovery, we must return to this lesson and figure out what we were using our addictions to cater to. We must then commit to developing patterns in our lives that support our growth in this direction. In this way, our very lives become the classroom through which we learn about our needs and about how to properly meet them once and for all.

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