You must know that the light which you seek is in your own lantern
-Zen Proverb

At the root of active addiction to anything (whether conscious or not) is the idea that happiness or contentment will come through that to which we are addicted. Even for many in recovery, there is a propensity to look for contentment and fulfillment from “out there.” But the truth is that we must learn to find this comfort from within. Most spiritual paths in existence agree, in one way or another, that we must learn to find fulfillment through a personal connection to life that doesn’t rely on the acquisition of something outside of ourselves. It is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that, “I will be happy when…” or “I will be happy when I get…” or “I will be happy after…” But these are traps that keep us away from the reality that although there is nothing wrong with setting and achieving goals, we can’t put off being happy until after they have been realized. Whether you look at it as seeking contentment, enlightenment, or God, these states can only be found in the present moment and experienced from within.

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