You can’t go into the future holding onto the biology of the past.
-Dr. Joe Dispenza

Our addictions are an attempt at creating stability. But they aren’t only an attempt to temper our emotional experience, they are also a way that we strive to stabilize our very biology. The process of addiction inadvertently creates a physiological experience dependent on the addictions themselves for a sense of homeostasis. Our brains begin to create more rigid neurological patterns affecting the processes associated with pleasure and motivation. Simultaneously, our central nervous systems become altered in ways that lock us into a fight-or-flight race for the comfort and containment seemingly offered by our addictions. Finally, there may be physiological dependence on a particular substance itself. Our recovery, then, must address and support an upgraded biology as well as a more functional emotional navigation system. Our body and mind are symbiotic and inseparable—the former reflecting a physical manifestation of the latter. So our recovery must include our consciously seeking to change our automated neural patterns as well as our hijacked nervous systems. Through these upgrades, we ensure that out biology helps leads us into the future instead of trapping us in the past.

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