Every saint has a past and every sinner a future.
 -Oscar Wilde

We are constantly telling stories about ourselves and about the world in which we live. These stories help organize our experiences, creating a predictability about the world that makes it feel more contained and manageable to navigate. Although important, these stories are not infallible truths and can easily derail the process of personal growth and change. An important component of recovery is to identify some of the major stories about ourselves that may be keeping us mired in our addictive patterns, keeping us stuck in roles that will need to be outgrown for us to successfully move forward. Furthermore, we must think about the type of person we would like to become, paving the way for the ability to reorganize our experience of ourselves and the world through which we will learn to navigate without our addictions. To recover successfully we have to remember that our identities are not fixed but always in the process of transformation. If we learn to properly embrace this truth we can break free from the conditioning of our past and embrace a more deliberate future.

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