Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
-Carl Jung

At its center, the addicted life is one of reaction and blame. It is a life where it is very easy to fall into the role of victim—scripted, automatic, and helpless to the myriad injustices and seemingly random misfortunes that befall life. The process of recovery, then, must be one of self-discovery, connection, and assertion. It is very important during the recovery process to become aware of the patterns that one is employing to create discomfort in one’s life, to seek them out and let them go. Successful recovery is the process of becoming responsible, able to respond, to the vagaries of life. As today’s quote explains, life is not merely a random set of occurrences but actually reflects the quality of the decisions we make in the various areas of our lives. At any moment, our life is the sum result of every moment that has lead up to it. We are at the helm of our own ability to make conscious or unconscious decisions and we can either take the initiative to become conscious or not. Obviously we cannot be in control of everything that happens in life, but if we endeavor to become conscious, we can learn to take responsibility for that to which we are in control, thus creating as purposeful and conscious a life as possible.

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