On Letting Go

If addiction is a form of control over our emotional experience of life, then recovery must be about learning to let go. Our addictions seem to promise us a type of specific outcome, a reliable pattern that we can depend on. Of course this promise is never kept for long as the destructive aspects of our addictions creep up, inevitably overpowering the feelings of safety that we initially found within their embrace. During times of uncertainty it is especially nice to have these powerful mechanics around us to temper the discomfort that arises when life seems particularly unpredictable. So we must learn to let go of the need to feel comforted by the sense that we know how life will unfold. We must learn to truly embrace the wild and mysterious nature of life without looking for a guarantee. If we can learn to put our attention on our current circumstances and not rely on the promise of a predictable outcome, then we dissolve the need for this important aspect of the addiction.

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