We are always affirming something. 
-Ernest Holmes

These five simple words say so much. One of the quickest paths toward emotional comfort and security is being content with who and how we are. For successful recovery, it is very important to understand that this is something very much within our control. At any given moment, how we feel about ourselves is a result of the lifetime of affirmation we have provided ourselves. Affirmations, in this case, are not shallow statements consciously made in an attempt to produce emotional changes. The strongest affirmations are the ones we make to ourselves daily without consciously meaning to. Generally, we will make decisions and use self-talk constantly throughout life. This internal discussion will reflect and confirm that we are exactly as we think we are at the deepest level of our unconsciousness. These internal conversations are far more powerful than the ones we make consciously. With every decision we make, with every relationship we experience, with every subjective interpretation we create, we are telling ourselves about our worth and place in the world. At first this may seem overwhelming, but by befriending this concept we can slowly and gently learn to use self-awareness to create the kind of decisions that truly affirm the person we want to be. Eventually, as we become that person, the use of addictive behaviors will be much less necessary. Start today with the conscious realization that by taking this time for meditation, we have potentially already started by affirming something important, and be aware that all is affirmation.

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